• WATTGAMES was developed to suit a broad range of different turbo trainer and smart bike brands and has been extensively tested on the STAGES BIKE SB20 and the WAHOO Kickr Core.
  • As a result, WATTGAMES is compatible with all FTMS-enabled smart trainers and smart bikes.
  • As a minimum, both power and cadence readings are required to play.  


Connecting Devices


  1. Connecting to your devices can be achieved from the connections menu in settings.  After scanning and connecting, your device has been successfully paired when "Connection Established" is visible and values appear in the displayed results. Your connection can now be tested for output from your device. 

  2. In addition to reading data you can connect to a smart control point if your device is compatible. This will enable WATTGAMES to change the resistance of your trainer.


Troubleshooting Connection Problems

If you are having problems connecting please work through the below checklist: 

  1. Please ensure that the Bluetooth service is turned on your PC / reading device.
  2. Please ensure that the Bluetooth service is being broadcast from your trainer device. If your trainer uses them, consider replacing the batteries.
  3. Bluetooth data may sometimes be incorrectly cached, try to hit the "Refresh Connections" button to clear this data. 
  4. To fully refresh the Bluetooth connection, restart both WATTGAMES and your computer and try again. Ensure the Bluetooth service is on before running WATTGAMES.