Welcome to WATTGAMES!


WATTGAMES is a fitness cycling game you play with your smart trainer. Whether you're doing battle against a tough boss or trying to avoid being devoured, WATTGAMES ensures you're having a blast while getting fit.


WATTGAMES is currently being developed for the PC platform with an expected release in 2024. The first iteration of the game will be a single-player set of  Missions in the first Kingdom, with network play planned as a future development. Planned future releases include Android/iOS and Apple TV editions of the app.     


This guide covers the current PC development of WATTGAMES and things to know before starting the game. 


Gameplay Interface

  1. Live Power (Watts) 
  2. Live Watts per kilo
  3. Live Cadence (RPM)
  4. Live Heart Rate (BPM)
  5. Current Gradient (%)
  6. This vertical bar next to the top left main display represents drafting percentage - if the bar is full you are receiving the full 100% benefit from a draft
  7. Current Speed (kph)
  8. Total distance travelled (KM)
  9. Total Ascent gained (m)
  10. Total elapsed time
  11. Health bar (HP) - in some WATTGAMES encounters with enemies it is possible to take damage. If your health bar fully depletes you will die. 
  12. Variable display metric 1: a primary metric related to the current battle - usually target power
  13. Variable display metric 2: a secondary metric related to the current battle - usually interval time
  14. Current experience level and XP bar
  15. Total victories for this Mission
  16. Total deaths for this Mission
  17. Power and Heart Rate history - shows a rolling window of historical data for the current level
  18. Frame rate (TBC - note WG is capped at 60fps)
  19. Current Mission progress - shows total distance and % complete


Some battles will have graphical elements specific to the battle taking place:


  • One element is an interval list, usually displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, which gives an overview of the length and power requirements of the current battle.


  • Many battles also have distance elements which display either a target distance, a minimum safety distance between you and the beast, or a point of death. Be mindful of these elements during battle.    


Some additional concepts useful to know before playing the game are described below:


  • Beast Surge: A battle interval where the beast will get more aggressive. The beast's power may fluctuate outside of the Target Power. Be vigilant of your safety distance.


  • Death Interval: A special interval where the beast will continue to get closer to you regardless of your power. These intervals usually have a high power target and minimum hold time (e.g. hold 2x FTP for 5 seconds to escape). If your power falls below the target the timer will reset. Sometimes these are the final intervals that need to be completed in order to escape or deliver the final blow to end the battle.


  • Player Death: When your health gauge gets to 0, you will die. Mission progress will stop and the current interval will pause. If available, you will have the option of using a CONTINUE which will recommence the current battle interval, alternatively, you can restart the level entirely. Please note that not all battles will deplete your health, and it is possible to die in other ways in the game.


That’s all for now! With this knowledge, you should now be able to make a start in the game and enjoy the basics of the combat system. The battles in WATTGAMES are varied and can contain different elements so keep your wits about you and ride for your life!